We have had a fly in our house for so long that we are thinking of giving it a name. Maybe “Gregor.” It seems fond of us – possibly more of our warmth than our personalities. It follows us around the house, and lands in places that are so close to us that we can’t get a good…
An Unsettling Experience
Dear Friends in the USA: Maybe it's too late, but....
Part 11 of the series "Mary and the Mushroom: Psilocybin, Chronic Depression and Me"
I have decided henceforth to approach my fellow humans as though at least half of them have been overtaken by a parasite that destroys people's brains …
Antidepressant Withdrawal, Brain Zaps and Other Pre-Tripping Diversions
Memoir (1)
National Arts Centre Orchestra, Blake Pouliot, Philip Glass: Review
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I Am All Write Too